Cancel Subscription Box

We understand that sometimes you just need to cancel. There are no hard feelings. 

You can cancel your subscription, with no cancellation fee, any time before the 10th day of the month PRECEDING a box shipment. (Ex: You must cancel before December 10th for January's box, March 10th for April's box, June 10th for July's box, September 10th for October's box.) 

We do this so we can order the proper amount of product. 

Once your subscription has renewed, we cannot retroactively terminate and refund the renewal charge. This is because we immediately begin fulfilling orders following each quarterly renewal date. Once a box enters the fulfillment process, we are unable to cancel the order and prevent the box from shipping to its destination.

If you feel you made a mistake during checkout or have a sudden change of heart, please send an email to right away and we’ll do our best to accommodate you, if possible.

However once your order has entered the fulfillment process, it is considered final and nonrefundable.


I cancelled my subscription right after signing up. Will I get a refund?

When you cancel your subscription, you are simply preventing it from renewing on its next renewal date — it does not automatically issue a refund and you will still receive that quarter's box that is remaining under your subscription term. Remember that once your order has entered the fulfillment process, it is considered final and nonrefundable.

To cancel your subscription:

To cancel your subscription, just send us an email stating you need to cancel and include your name, the email address you signed up with and your delivery address to us at:

There are no questions asked. We just need you to send us that information, so that we can personally go in and make sure it gets cancelled. (Make sure to read the deadlines for cancellation above.)